The New Boyfriends - Universal Noise (Fin), A5 Digipack CD

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A5 digipack cd with 16-page booklet

On their fifth album, The New Boyfriends explore the universal phenomenon of sound. Everything started with a big bang, which still echoes and vibrates through eternity, creating the most crucial thing in existence called Noise. 'Universal Noise' guides the listener through the electro-acoustic ages of this planet called Earth. It was recorded in various locations, from rural countryside to the deepest forests and freshest streams. This sonic journey varies from huge macrocosmic rumbles to microcosmic hisses and scrapings, and everything in between. Majestic thunderstorms are followed by the sounds of rot and decay. Moments of clarity and beauty build up to cataclysmic industrial metal storms. 'Universal Noise' might be the most challenging yet rewarding album by The New Boyfriends so far, but hope you enjoy the ride as much as they did. Sit down comfortably, grab a good cup of coffee or tea, and enter
the New Age of Finnish Woolsock Noise!


1  Untitled  9:00
2  Untitled  5:54
3  Untitled  5:04
4  Untitled  2:53
5  Untitled  7:18
6  Untitled  4:12
7  Untitled  13:09


Harsh Noise