Lousberg - The Darkest Universe, Ltd. 200 (Handnumbered) (Ger), CD

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• Noble Jewelcase Edition with Booklet
• Ltd. 200, Handnumbered

► Listen on Bandcamp: https://dunkelheitprod.bandcamp.com/album/the-darkest-universe

After four years of silence, the Ambient project Lousberg releases another lengthy opus entitled.... LOUSBERG hails from Aachen and creates sonic art in that old vein that is praised so much. And it will come as welcome news to all those fans of deep and droning Ambient that Lousberg is still using the tricks that have made all his past releases perfect examples of the genre.

One of the many strongpoints of …. is its monumental nature. Wavering patterns of sound appear out of a void of darkness, melt into other drones and build walls of oscillation, strong enough to draw any listener in. Lousberg's newest entry runs for over 70 minutes and is an enticing journey into feelings of cosmic nihilism, melancholy but also bittersweet yearning. Titles like „Anti-Existence“ frankly state that this is by no means superficial fantasy-based material, but a deeply trance inducing meditation of downfall and despair. The recording is heavily inspired by Clark Ashton Smith, an influence that definitely shows.

Still, there is a certain proudness and epic nature to the sounds used in ….. . Especially the title track „Planet of the Doomed and Exiled“ makes for a strong opener, immediately showing that Lousberg is a true master of his craft who is able to manipulate pleasant analogue tones to make them reach into the deepest depths of human consciousness. Mandatory for fans of old school Ambient!

The Darkest Universe had been recorded in the beginning of 2022. Mastered by Alex Crispin in April 2022. All music by Lousberg. Instruments that were used in the recordings were Casio CTK-591, Yamaha Portatone PSR-E213 YPT-210, Yamaha PSR-4500, Yamaha Piaggero NP12. Additional Voices, Breath, Night Noises, Storms and Downpours. This work is deeply influenced by the writings of C.A. Smith - A special thanks to Dunkelheit Produktionen for the good work and trust in Lousberg! Greetings and thanks to all those who are still here after the storm left a desert in my soul's home.

Exclusive production by Dunkelheit Produktionen. All rights reserved.


1. Planet Of The Doomed And Exiled 24:13
2. Anti​-​Existence (The Infinite Beauty Of Eternal Torment, Of Those Whose Eyes Never Close) 21:54
3. Dance Of The Dark Planets 24:28

Total 70:35 Minutes