Gianluca Becuzzi - Axis Mundi (Ita), Digipack 2CD

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"According to the anthropology of religions, the axis mundi is a bridge between three dimensions: Earth, Heaven and Abyss. It is an element of verticality and transcendence as well as of fall. Often identified with towers or altars, it indicates the axis of the cosmos, which relates the center of man, his deep soul, with what exists Outside and Beyond. The axis mundi embodies its impulse towards eternity, not only as an aspiration to a shining after life but also as a personal hell. This is the religious man. This is the modern man in front of the most hidden part of self: a being forced between the bonds of a sterile present, reduced to an object, who seeks, investigates, finds new spaces of expression and revolt. The space of the sacred, no longer identifiable with tradition or with rules of different churches, for the artist is the space of art. For all of us it is the encounter in this enclosure of mythical topography, threatened and corroded, but in which we insist on wanting to enter. Our Protected Time. Our Tree of Life"


1-1  Nostalgie Des Origines 14:04
1-2  Sacred Book Of Our Days 11:24
1-3  Hierophanies 6:31
1-4  For A God With No Name 6:56
1-5  Altar Of Fire 11:46
1-6  Man And Secularization 14:46
2-1  Numina [Part I] 15:12
2-2  Mistagogical Liturgy 20:16
2-3  Numina [Part II] 15:15



Experimental, Dark Ambient