Aradia - Draconis Eulogy (Mal), CD

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Finest occultist black Metal from Malaysia. ARADIA is one of the earliest black Metal bands from Malaysia, "Draconis' Eulogy" will tempt you further down towards their dominion. Professionally packaged with sticker and A3 size poster.


1. Of Those Who Dare to Ride the Dragon 06:22  

2. Kissing Your Shadow 03:46  

3. Hordes of the Exalted Axis 05:24  

4. Huntsman's Epic 06:36  

5. Coming Into Light 04:35  

6. Enthroned Na'Batengi 05:18  

7. Thus Kalachakra Illuminated 04:23  

8. The Dance of the Sunset Bride 04:12  

9. The Silenced Serenade 06:58  

10. Draconis' Eulogy 02:43  

Total 50:17 Minutes