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Shadow Dungeon - Shadow Dungeon (Bih), 2CD

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For the first time on CD, the coming of a new dark age... this double disc collection contains all recorded output from 2016-2018 of the mighty SHADOW DUNGEON from Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Includes "Older Than Time" on Disc 1, with "Amorphous Dreams Of Past And Fire" and "The Return Of The Leper King" on Disc 2 - nearly 2 hours of cult dungeon synth music previously released only in hard to find extremely limited editions!

Limited to 300 copies total.


1. Prisoner of the Dark Fortress 06:03     
2. The Last Winter Snow 02:53     
3. Infinite Skies 05:26     
4. Great Fire Shall Burn Eternally 07:40     
5. Between Gloomy Mountains 05:33     
6. Into the Battles 02:46     
7. Of Blooded Moon and Falling Stars 07:03     
8. Summoning the Spirits of the Great Gods 06:34     
9. Wandering Endlessly through the Mountains 05:44     
10. Sorrowful Mystery 04:59     
11. Nocturnal Creatures 06:10     
12. Amorphous Dreams Of Past And Fire 23:28     
13. The Return of the Leper King (part one) 15:05     
14. The Return of the Leper King (part two) 16:03


Dungeon Synth