Sadio - Sophisticated Methods In Torture (Fin), CD

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SADIO is Kommando Skingraft (fin) and Grunt (fin) project. Debut CD consist 10 tracks of extremely fierce material. All recordings were conducted studio-live, in loud and rough situations. No multitracking or editing. Album consists loud and piercing power electronics assaults as well as brutal noise and more experimental moments. Rare blend of influences ranging from Final Solution, Strict, Ramleh, Sutcliffe Jugend to turbulent storming noise of Monde Bruits and Solmania to brooding dark obscurities of Herman Kopp and odd electronic rhythm pulses of Club Moral. Naturally not very far from own works of participants of project!


1 Authentic Experiences 1:06
2 Look At Me 3:30
3 Will To Fuck 4:26
4 She Came To Me 3:36
5 Hanging From The Ceiling 3:56
6 Your Flesh 3:16
7 Sadoland 7:53
8 Sadio 3:33
9 Sophisticated Methods In Torture 3:33
10 White Tiles 6:57


Power Electronics/Noise