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Reptile Womb - Thee Fyrste Deathe: Serpent Wrything Beneathe Thee Græve (USA), CD

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Self described as "black blood death trance", Reptile Womb from California is a direct continuation of a project previously known as Below. The style of this album can be placed between Drawing Down the Moon and the electric era of Beherit, but with loud and ultra harsh production that borders on noise. Those into "The Spell of Vengeance" by Will Over Matter and some noisier Ride For Revenge material will also find themselves enjoying this one. 


1 Zazas, Zazas, Nasatanada Zazas 

2 Serpent Mysticism (Reptilian Odor) 

3 Scent/Stalk/Kill/Devour 

4 Inhuman Hell

Lyrics By – Harald Mentor

5 Latex Tartarus (The Pain Of Your Body Is The Wine Of My Spirit) 

6 Black Sand / Blood Sauvastika 

7 Sauvastika Dance