Do Skonu - Cold Streams of Death (Ukr), CD

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The return of the Ukrainian black ritual machine.  Cold Streams Of Death is Do Skonu's next installment of powerful black metal.  Like their last album Womb Of Primeval Darkness, you can expect some high quality occult black metal with that great Slavic edge that bands like early Old Wainds possessed.  Feel the power of darkness overwhelm you.

1. Ridges of Icy Silence 04:59 

2. Mara's Wasteland 06:09  

3. The Mother of Eternal Decay 03:24  

4. Cold Streams of Death 06:02  

5. When the Night Will Become Eternal… 05:03  

6. Purification by Blood 05:26  

7. The Pact with Tchort 04:26  

Total 35:29



Black Metal