Wombbath - Downfall Rising, US Press! (Swe), CD

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One of the earliest Swedish Death Metal beast WOMBBATH rises from reanimation with a fresh-born disease entitled “Downfall Rising” in 22 years!

Strickened with the rancid HM-2 stench throughout the entire record, WOMBBATH displays some of the most sordid riffs with a tinge of masterful guitar leadwork, courtesy of current Skineater and ex-In Thy Dreams six-stringer Håkan Stuvemark. Old SweDeath is once again glorified by the defenders of the faithful.

Mixed by the band's very own skinsbasher Jeramie Kling (The Absence, Infernaeon, etc) and mastered by James Murphy (Disincarnate, ex-Death, ex-Testament, ex-Obituary, etc) at the SafeHouse Production, USA.


1. Intro 01:10    

2. Under apokalypsens svarta vingar 04:40  

3. Underneath This Rotten Soil 04:22  

4. I Am the Abyss 04:28  

5. Fall of the Weak 06:44  

6. Putrid and Bound (By the Seed of Satan) 04:54  

7. Paid in Blood 03:25  

8. Abandoned Furthermore 02:16  

Total 31:59


Death Metal