Krashing - Disenterment 1987-1993 (Ita), CD

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It 's night, the shadows wander among the tombstones of a cemetery... on their shoulders they carry spades, stop in front of an abandoned grave marked with a rusted cross, the blades begin to sink into the damp earth and start digging .... Natura Morta Edizioni has unearthed the demo tapes of KRASHING an old Death Metal band from Bergamo, surely one of the first to celebrate the funeral missal in Italy. Their macabre work reappears in full in an excellent anthology CD with a booklet of 8 pages, texts and old photos. Bones, cobwebs, demons, death, darkness and terror, these are the ingredients that your stereo will vomit in these autumn nights! Limited edition 500 copies - Natura Morta Edizioni

It was a dark and stormy night in the second half of the 80’s... In an old and abandoned cemetery in the province of Bergamo, from the damp earth, and the eerie glow of lightning, dark rituals evoked an ancient creature from the depths, it’s name was Krashing; a horse led by three evil demons, Diego Scudeletti at laments and guitars, Diego Bolis on bass and Robeto Previtali on drums. From the catacombs of the district the Krashing began to sing their first malefic psalms offering hymns of other evil creatures as well known as Kreator, Sodom and Slayer. The continuing research for ever more extreme sounds bore Krashing towards unexplored lands of the rising of Death Metal movement. Early expositions between the clamor of their adepts arrived, until landing the incision of the demo "Cycle of Decomposition" in 1991 A.D. The appearances were followed until the second recording "The Ancient Were, The Ancients Are, The Ancients Will Be" in 1993 A.D.  Not long after the creature was eclipsed in the darkness from where it originated, conscious that it had left its mark on... The Krashing Were, The Krashing Are, The Krashing Will Be!


1. Cremation (Demo '91)

2. Ampia Death (Demo '91)

3. Infernal Desolation (Demo '91)

4. Resound of Terror (Demo '91)

5. In Suffering (Demo '93)

6. Holy Rite (Demo '93)

7. Hate Burns (Demo '93)

8. Coarse Moan of the Damned (Demo '93)

9. Followers of Evil (Demo '93)

10. The Darkness coming (Demo '93)


Death Metal