Temple Nightside - Condemnation (Aus), CD

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Hailing from the currently untouchable Australian black metal scene, the mysterious TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE remain rooted in the blackest arts whilst performing the ancient Metal of Death, self-described as "Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy." And indeed, that's precisely what the Oz duo offer up on their highly anticipated debut album, Condemnation. Churning, gnawing, throbbing, Condemnation is blackened DEATH-fucking-METAL with its soul ripped asunder. Each strike upon stretched animal skin and amplified barbed wire, each slice of atmosphere forever descending, each cacophonous bellow from depths unknown - all are in service to infernal forces beyond human comprehension. TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE give you the keys to your Condemnation. Comes with gatefold cover and insert.


1. Shrine of Summon (The Great Opposer) 05:19  

2. Exhumation; Miseries upon Imprecation 06:14  

3. Abhorrent They Fall... 04:19  

4. Pillar of Ancient Death (Commune 2.1) 03:45  

5. Dagger of Necromantic Decay (Eater of Hearts) 04:43  

6. Ascension of Decaying Forms 06:44  

7. Command of the Bones (Commune 2.2) 02:25  

8. Miasma 08:59  

Total 42:28


Death Metal