Coffin Texts - The Tomb of Infinite Ritual (USA), CD

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Coffin Texts is back! After releasing their cult debut titled "Gods of Creation, Death & Afterlife" in the year 2000, Coffin Texts remained dormant, perfecting their craft and their new tunes. Fast forward 12 years and the tomb opens once more to unwrap Coffin Texts brand new creation titled "The Tomb of the Infinite Ritual".

The Tomb of Infinite Ritual shows COFFIN TEXTS at their very best. While the musicians themselves have developed and honed their skills, the same spirit and approach to Death Metal remains true and intact. A 2012 "must have," "The Tomb of the Infinite Ritual" is 38 minutes of punishing death metal with no compromise.

Cover art by Danille Gauvin.


1. Atum (Into the Divine Sphere) 00:54    

2. To Manifest 05:54 

3. Final Transformation 04:47 

4. The Sacred Eye 06:43 

5. Divination 08:01 

6. Throne of Genocide 06:04 

7. Dieties of the Prime Evil Chaos 05:21 

Total 37:44


Death Metal