Bell - Enigma Calling (Ind), LP

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Nearly 4 years after its groundbreaking debut full length "Secrets from a Distant Star", the mysterious Power Electronics entity Bell returns with a new release aptly titled "Enigma Calling". Weighing in heavily on its early Berlin electronics influence, Bell's current material dwells on the ruins and embers of post WWII Germany, the Enigma Machine, missile technology and the emergence of bizarre religious cults.

Rhythmic, pulsating, trance inducing, 'Enigma Calling' builds layer upon layer of humming distortion, arpeggiators and sequencers with subdued percussion in a manner that only Bell can. This is a tribute to early 1970’s electronica inspired by a dark end of an era.

FFO: Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze

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Ambient, Synth, Electronics