Club Moral - To All Who Are Interested, 1989 (Bel), LP

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There is no need to introduce the well known belgian noise project CLUB MORAL in length. Founded in 1981 by AMVK and DDV in Antwerp, the duo build up a reputation as being unique, impressing and controversial. In 1989 Cthulhu Record released their LP "To All Who Are Interested", a classical album that meanwhile has become a rare collectors item.


A1 Oorlog 3:40
A2 The Store Of Events 4:14
A3 Nazis Of The Night 3:45
A4 I Am Perverse 2:26
A5 Lies 4:44
A6 Kostbaar Bloed Onzes Heren 1:45
A7 Eating Limbs 1:18
B1 To All Who Are Interested 5:55
B2 Ik Daag U Uit 4:11
B3 Goede Dood 1:00
B4 Therapist Fears 5:05
B5 Charlie 6:09


Scheda tecnica

Power Electronics/Noise