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Corpsessed - Abysmal Thresholds (Fin), LP

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Black-hearted is the whirlwind that trespasses dimensions, carrying, with and within it, all that it has thrown out along its course of dread and desolation. What lays ahead is hollowness; once again and once there, in the everlasting threshold between life and death, all the reflections of the non-stopping horrors, collected as trophies during its relentlessness orgy of ashes and dust, pushed towards the abyss like a never-ending cascade of enslaved souls. Death Metal has not changed one iota when it comes to Corpsessed's conception of it, except for the fact that all terms and elements that were already present and which previously bestowed the band with credit, have been massively expanded to near-breaking point. The bold guitar riffing crafted on "Abysmal Threshold" is nothing but the mother of all storms in communion with that unbelievable, occlusive, seismic rhythm section, armoured by growling tyranny and dry blood-oiled lyricism. Not that usual either, that an album title and its cover should be so frankly descriptive and loyal in intent about its devastating content. 


1. Invocation 01:12 

2. Of Desolation 04:39 

3. Trepanation 04:28 

4. Sovereign 05:43

5. Necrosophic Channeling 06:57  

6. Ravening Tides 04:39  

7. Apotheosis 04:37  

8. Demoniacal Subjugation 03:11

9. Transcend Beyond Human 04:13

10. The Threshold 07:18

Total 46:57

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Death Metal