Binah - Hallucinating in Resurrecture (UK), LP

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Me Saco Un Ojo are thrilled to announce the release of Binah's debut, "Hallucinating in Resurrecture". Despite none of its members being by any means newcomers to underground Metal, the entity that is Binah has still spawned what's certain to be remembered as one of this year's weightiest and hungriest-sounding platters. Over its ten tracks of unabashed morbidness, the LP captures the UK trio's concoction of obscured and primordial Death; one that makes no secret of their Finnish, Dutch and Swedish (via Autopsy and Morbid Angel) prime inspirations yet oozes a dense ambience that's distinctly their own. Whether exploring fast and serpentine sections or sparser and more reflective passages, this beast remains unrestrained in its intensity, focused in its songcraft and otherworldly in its vibes; familiar yet ever eerie. "Hallucinating…" is pure death. 

1. Into the Psychomanteum (intro) 01:23  

2. Morbid Obumbration 07:08

3. A New Rotten Dawn 05:05 

4. The Emissary 07:08 

5. Absorption into the Unearthly 03:09

6. Eminence of the Sombre 04:07 

7. Hallucinating in Resurrecture 07:22 

8. Dissoulution 04:40

9. Crepuscular Transcendence 07:16

10. Buried Baptistry (outro) 01:12  

Total 48:30

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Death Metal