Dreamcatcher - Antisocial/Fuck Off, Tape

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Clandestine and radical Power Electronics unit Dreamcatcher unleashes the next attack on this weak world entitled "Antisocial / Fuck Off". Deeply embedded in Skinhead culture and driven by unrelenting hatred for this worthless society, Dreamcatcher presents vile and brutal PE that may remind the attentive connaisseur of landmark projects like MALE RAPE GROUP, SNUFF and FINAL SOLUTION. After some ultra-rare private recordings, which were given only to the most loyal and fanatic members of their personal circle, the band reaches new levels with the brutish and unpolished vileness captured on "Antisocial / Fuck Off". Only for the chosen few!


1. Antisocial 12:38
2. Fuck Off 13:41

Total 26:19

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Power Electronics/Noise