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Hexorcist - Evil Reaping Death (USA), Tape

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A1 Exulting The Adversary
A2 Sentry At The Seven Gates
A3 Unblessing The Reverent
A4 Proverbs Of Pestilence
A5 Denouncing The Immaculate
A6 Evil Reaping Death
A7 Unrighteous Ceremony
A8 Accursed Affirmations
A9 Praising The Most Foul
A10 Crucifixion (Devastator Cover)
B1 Exulting The Adversary
B2 Sentry At The Seven Gates
B3 Unblessing The Reverent
B4 Proverbs Of Pestilence
B5 Denouncing The Immaculate
B6 Evil Reaping Death
B7 Unrighteous Ceremony
B8 Accursed Affirmations
B9 Praising The Most Foul
B10 Crucifixion (Devastator Cover)

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