Timothy Fife - Hoichi The Earless, Tape

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Composer / synth wizard Timothy Fife has established an impressive name for himself with his duo Victims, along with a string of solo albums, collaborations and compilation appearances on such esteemed labels as Death Waltz, Polytechnic Youth, Spun Out of Control, and Burning Witches. This new long-form work, Hoichi The Earless, provides an alternate soundtrack to the segment of the same name from the legendary Japanese horror film anthology Kwaidan. Full spectrum kosmiche sound for protection from evil. 

Originally written and recorded for a live screening event hosted by Holodeck Records at last year’s SXSW happenings, these recordings offer over an hour of Technicolor electronics, a contemporary score for an ancient folktale.


1. Part One 10:42

2. Part Two 02:23

3. Part Three 02:14

4. Part Four 04:49

5. Part Five 11:04

6. Part Six 05:50

7. Part Seven 06:19

8. Part Eight 06:52

9. Part Nine 04:19

10. Part Ten 06:46

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