Taarma - Nuclear Jihad (Afg), Tape

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Taarma is translated for "Darkness" in the old Brahvi language. The band understand to come from Afghanistan/Balochistan have parts in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Somber Black Metal from Solitudinous blackened ambience... a vision of the world's demise... 75+ minutes of suffocating black metal for fans of Xasthur and Striborg. Limited to 150. Pro-Cassette, both side printed/recorded.


1. Summoning The Hopelessness 01:57  

2. Nuclear Jihad 06:39  

3. Paleness Casts A Grievous Affliction 13:33  

4. Descending Into Lightless Depths 10:21  

5. Entering Your Nightmares 09:00  

6. Her Ghost Under The Cold Moon (Part I) 04:35  

7. Dawn Of Utter Sadness 09:42  

8. Suffering A Sickening Death (Rehearsal 2012) 05:35  

9. Cold Void Of Silence 05:59  

10. As The Night Becomes A Funeral 08:19  

11. A Tragic Journey Towards The End 02:40  

Total 01:18:20

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