Temple Of Adoration Zine VI - XII + Poster, Ltd. 250, Exclusive (Ger), Book

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Softcover Edition, Ltd. 250

It was the year of 2008, when a new fanzine arose from the ashes of Summon For Satan: Temple of Adoration. From then on, seven issues were published until 2017. Dunkelheit Produktionen herein presents a compilation of all past issues, around 360 pages dedicated to demo tapes, infamous bands, old cults, dirt, Metal, Satan, Noise and cut & paste. These seven issues include 100 interviews, reviews, articles, short stories & sleazy comic strips. Constituting a true encyclopedia of underground devotion. In addition to that which was previously published as separate issues, the book includes some exclusive material, such as interviews with Trepanation (Nzl), Tomb, Trono Além Morte, American Line Productions, Obrok, Dekonstruktor, Voids Of Vomit, Clamor In Tenebris and Tinieblas (Ven).

Junior (Enslaver), who used to work as a cartoonist for a Panamanian newspaper in the early 90ies, contributed with a comic strip as well. On top of that, there is another disturbing short story by S.R. of Nameless Tomb.

In the future I may return with a new issue. Until then, buy the book and worship the darkest past at the Temple of Adoration!

Limited to 250 copies (Softcover) and 50 copies (Hardcover).

Interviews Temple Of Adoration 6 - 12: Reencarnacion, Goatfire, Mystical Fire, Embrace Of Thorns, Mortuorio, Zarathustra, Archgoat, GoatVomit, Nuclear Death, Profanatica, Nuclear War Now Productions!, Goatpenis (2x), Death Yell, Satanachia Agliareth, Nocturnal Vomit, Force Of Darkness, Bestial Holocaust, Teitanfyre, Chakal, SexTrash, Holocausto, The Satans Scourge, Ravendarks Monarchal Canticle, Wisdom, Metzeli, Bestial Mockery, Ancestor, Necromancer Records, Sadomator, Rator, Har Shatan, Mütiilation, Heptameron, Blasphemy, Paganfire, Chainsaw, Impurity, Lado Obscuro, Fallen Souls, Equinoxio, Apocalyptic Raids, Pseudogod, Warpath, Enslaver, Nuit Noire, Desacration Of God Productions, Necrobutcher, Curriculum Mortis, Hellnation/ Brody's Militia, Tian A Men 89 Records, Atrofia Cerebral, Rotting Flesh, Skinflint, Illapa/ Contumacy/ Spasm, NB-604, Master Of Cruelty, Coronation, Insulter, CSMD, Desexult, Necrodetonator, Bode Preto, Necro Disseminator, Fleethon, Necro Vomit, Maleficarum, Domains, Nuctemeron, Demonomancer, Hastur, Death Courier, Solothus, Aphonic Threnody, Ligfaerd, Necrostuprum/ Satanic Torment, Screaming Brain, Ysengrin, Harsh Supplement, Arkaik Excruciation, Death Angel's, Black Grail, Rhadamanthys, Grigorien, Black Mastrobation, Josué O Salvador Em Busca Da Perdição, Carma, Krypts, Abatuar, Nebiros, Orodruin, Fecalove, Hardware, The Fallen, Leechfeast, Ordo Caper, Candelabrum, Broken Spirit & Psychomorphis.