Snakepit Magazine - Nr. 22 + Malediction EP

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Snakepit zine returns with issue number 22, following the same recipe and tradition that has been carried on since its inception in 1997.  Yet again, Laurent Remadier has conducted and included the most in-depth, comprehensive interviews of any zine in existence.  His impeccable taste in REAL Heavy/Power/Speed/Thrash Metal from the past, present, and future is evident in yet another impressive array of interview subjects, which include celebrated acts such as Slayer, Tank, Onslaught, Dark Angel, Exciter, and Megadeth, in addition to lesser-known gems like Sanctum, Zoetrope, Sin Starlett, and Warhead (NY).  Remadier’s encyclopedic knowledge of heavy metal puts other interviewers to shame as his questions probe the most intricate details of each band’s history to such an extent that the reader is often left wondering if Remadier knows his subjects better than they know themselves.  As always, each interview also includes photos and other images to visually document different periods in a given band’s existence.  In addition to the glut of interviews, Snakepit also features some of the most credible reviews of recent heavy metal releases and reissues.

All copies also include a 7” EP from the French heavy metal cult, Malediction, comprised of two different recordings of the song, “Condamné,” which serve to showcase the music of one of his many interview subjects.  A limited number of copies of the EP were pressed on yellow vinyl and will be available through several outlets.