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Domain Magazine - Nr. 7

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After two years and a huge graveyard smoke of silence... the seventh issue was awaken from the death again ! The singaporean cult black/death magazine rises with 68 pages of death worshipping doom material ! Interviews with ZYGOATSIS (Tha), ENVENOM (Mal), BATTLESTORM (Sgp), GEMPITA RECORDS, GOAT SEMEN (Per), THORNS OF HATE (Mal), REMAINS (Tha), METALUCIFER (Jap), SABBAT (Jap), PERVERSOR (Mex), NIGHTWOLF (Mal), LOBOTOMY (Mal), RECRUCIFY (Per), VAULT (Mal) + Artices (Especially about serial killers) + Reviews + more ... Limited and handnumbered. Includes illustrations from Erick Neyra and Oik Wasfuk.