Scatmother/Chaos Cascade - Sacrificial Rites Of Devotion + Poster, Black Edt., Ltd. 200 (Ger), LP

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180g (Heavy Vinyl), 300gsm Cover, Insert + Black Paperbag, Poster in A2 format

Beware as soon we will witness the release of "Sacrificial Rites Of Devotion", a split between two German beasts named Scatmother & Chaos Cascade.

The opening sounds of Scatmother might cut your eardrum like a scalpel, with its insanely sharp tuned Power Electronics, heavier than a gut-punch. Its side consists of 5 tracks of varied lenght, all evoking soundscapes similar to those recorded on a battlefield. Raise the volume high while listening in order to enjoy the torture to its fullest!

Chaos Cascade, on the other hand, reveals four new tracks that even if relying less on fast outbursts don´t lose any dominance. These disturbing mid paced sounds will shatter your listening comfort & haunt your subconscious.

“Sacrificial Rites of Devotion” is insanely grinding, pitchblack & industrialized Noise.


Side A

1. Scatmother - Dauþuz 03:01

2. Scatmother - Hyperborea Nasheed 03:09

3. Scatmother - The 120 Days Of Mandschuna 02:27

4. Scatmother - War Brothel 03:55

5. Scatmother - Sri Krishna - The Metaphysics Of Execution 04:04

Side B

6. Chaos Cascade - Death Drive 05:18

7. Chaos Cascade - Abattoir 04:00

8. Chaos Cascade - Pile Of Bones 03:47

9. Chaos Cascade - Duct Tape And Daggers 05:16

Total 35:02

Scheda tecnica

Power Electronics