Slaughter - Nocturnal Hell, Surrender or Die, 1985/1986 (Can), CD

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Slaughter was a Canadian proto death / thrash band. They formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1984 playing extreme metal as one of the first bands metal and briefly featured Chuck Schuldiner (Death) on guitar in 1986. Originally, they released several demos one e.p. and two full albums, including the cult album 'Strappado'. The band Slaughter is worlwide credited for influencing death metal and the chainsaw guitar (death metal) sound, later on copied by the enitire Scandinavian death metal scene. They eventually broke up because of their annoyance for the music industry and the lack of support in the 80's. The cult ep Nocturnal Hell, the first real death metal recording of the band actually, is remastered by Tom Palms (Phlebotomized), the ‘Surrender of Die’ demo by Dave Hewson (Slaughter). Extensive linernotes by Olivier 'Zoltar' Badin (Catherdral, Old Man's Child, Dark Funeral, Septic Flesh)

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