Pagan Rites - Rites of the Pagan Warriors (Swe), CD

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Sweden’s ancient Black Metal pride here with a collection of rare, unheard and hard to find material! More than one our of unholy power, with the rare "Sodomy in Heaven" Ep, the old demo, promo, the unreleased track "Moonfog", etc.! A fine view back into the past and perfect appetizer for their new, yet unreleased album "Mark of the Devil".


1. Bloodlust and Devastation 03:15 

2. Desecration 03:02 

3. When Everything Is Gone 02:16 

4. Live like a Devil, Die like a Devil 02:31 

5. Darkest Rituals 03:00 

6. Flames of the Third Antichrist 05:01  

7. Sodomy in Heaven 05:06  

8. Return to the Lake of Fire 04:55 

9. Unholy Ancient War 03:46 

10. The Day Without Rebirth 03:44  

11. 7th Soul of Hell 04:59 

12. Under the Church 05:38  

13. Crucified in Flames 03:45 

14. Pagan Rites 03:50 

15. Lord of Fire 04:08 

16. Moonfog 02:57 

Total 01:01:53

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