Master - Unknown Soldier (USA), CD

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On December 31, 1984 Chicago based metal act MASTER signed with US metal label COMBAT (Death, Possessed) and soon afterwards started recording what should have been the band’s first full length album. Due to inseparable differences over the negotiations with Combat and mainly drummer Schmidt's insecurities, the contract was torn up. The 1985 album recordings were tape-traded in the underground scene, serving as a heavy influence for many (later) important bands from the death, black and thrash metal scene. Exclusively for vic records new painted cover art by Richard Schouten (Achrostichon, Pentagram, Abomination). New designed booklet and liner notes from Paul Speckmann and rare mid 80’s Master pictures.


1. Master 02:55

2. Unknown Soldier 02:49

3. Mangled Dehumanisation 01:54

4. Funeral Bitch 02:00

5. Terrorizer 02:46

6. Pledge of Alliance 01:58

7. Re-Entry and Destruction 02:54

8. Constant Quarrel 03:18

9. Judgment of Will 03:25

10. Submerged in Sin 04:35

11. Cut Through the Filth 03:45

Total 32:19

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