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Shibalba/Sublimatio Mortis/Undirheimar - Trialism, Digipack CD

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It is said that Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of creation and the genesis, the origin of all forms. This most ancient science holds, indeed, secrets which are yet to be deciphered by both scientists and mystics. The patterns of sacred geometry are present all around us and are, basically, the templates of the universe.

It is found in a multitude of shapes throughout nature, including ourselves. From human DNA to the cornea of our eyes to snowflakes and crystals, as well as in the structure of holy temples, sacred ritual sites and far out into the distant galaxies. It is an energy pattern that is encoded within the very core of life both visible and invisible.

The vibrational resonance of these forms are the invisible threads which link all things together, and therefore, mapping the matrix of the universe, thus, embodying Oneness. All is vibration. All is sound, and each geometrical form radiates its own energy pattern which can be perceived and manifested into audio form. It is, in essence, a sonic alchemical process. A transmutation from one subtle state to another.

This triad offering presented here was inspired by Sacred Geometry, and especially, the triangle. Within the Platonic solids, which are thought to be the building blocks of the universe in the Greek mystery school some 2,500 years ago, the triangle is the master, underlying form amongst the five geometrical structures as it is found in all other solids. Its shape possesses power in itself, representing an ascending, upward rising state of consciousness. In its pyramidal form, it represents balance and stability.
Its numerical formulae of 3 is found in the concept of the Holy Trinity, which itself, holds a multitude of meaning in various mystical traditions. Thus, the reason why this talisman consists of 3 adepts presenting one creation each, culminating in 3 offerings. To us, pilgrims on the path to understanding the mysteries, this collective sound ritual is one way to connect to the greater universal matrix and, through these sacred creations you will now hear, you will also be able to partake in that communion with the original All.  


1 Sublimatio Mortis - Rite I 17:50
2 Shibalba - Rite II 19:44
3 Undirheimar - Rite III 21:33

Zazen Sounds

Scheda tecnica

Ritual, Dark Ambient, Drone