Spur On To XS - Indulge In Primal Ecstasy, Ltd. 200 (Handnumbered) + Excl. Poster (Hol), CD (PRE-ORDER: 1st April 2024)

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• Noble Jewelcase Edition
• Ltd. 200, Handnumbered
• Excl. Poster (A2 format), only for pre-order customers

► Listen on Bandcamp: https://dunkelheitprod.bandcamp.com/album/indulge-in-primal-ecstasy
Long live the new blood! While others prefer to worship ashes, Dunkelheit presents Spur on to XS, a promising newcomer from Eindhoven (The Netherlands), the secret Noise capitol of our time. And Power Electronics as we know and love (or hate) is shamefully underrepresented nowadays, this artist pays hommage to the genre's legacy by releasing some of the nastiest filth heard in ages.

„Indulge in Primal Ecstasy“ is indeed a strong full-length debut that showcases many of the attributes that contemporary sonic violence is known for. The suave BDSM graphics hint at the malice and dominating perversion that Spur on to XS stands for. Bruised flesh and dark urges that are indeed primal and as feral as it gets.

Soundwise, the low rumbles and tasty metalwork may remind some of Finnish maniacs Contortus or some of the more acquired Green Army Fraction releases, while still focussing on the raw power of Feedback PE. The elements are all somewhat traditional, but the way Spur on to XS mixes and rearranges them seems very fresh and nifty, even to well-trained ears used to Post Industrial ambrosia. Clattering, buried but strong vocals, Corbelli-esque synthesizer work and animalistic screeching - „Indulge in Primal Ecstasy“ has it all. Get it, before it's too late!

All material written and performed by G.P. Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Super-nova Studio in 2023. All music by SPUR ON TO XS. Exclusive production by Dunkelheit Produktionen. All rights reserved.


1. Indulge In Primal Ecstasy 03:26
2. Tenderness And Perversion 02:42
3. Geselbok 03:35
4. To TRanscend Nihilism 05:09
5. My Mouth Is Crowned 04:06
6. Nocturnal Pearl 02:38
7. Whip Hand 06:50

Total 28:28 Minutes

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