Murderous Vision - Mechanical Collapse In Six Stages, Ltd. 200 Handnumbered (USA), CD

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• Noble Jewelcase Edition with 4-Page Booklet
• Ltd. 200, Handnumbered

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Nobody can deny that Murderous Vision is one of the greats. Active since the late 90ies, Stephen Petrus has created an abundance of highly memorable and well-executed releases under the moniker. Some may have delved deeper into Dark Ambient waters, others deliver full-on Death Industrial with Power Electronics brutality. „Mechanical Opus in Six Stages“ is his newest landmark and another highly recommended release.

There is a feeling of desolation and underlying brutality that shapes the six tracks presented. Often, the compositions seem a tad restrained and hateful, but always with a lot going on under the surface. Upfront black walls, mechanical patterns and shrill screams evoke a feeling of post-apocalyptic wastelands and total annihilation. As the work progresses, Murderous Vision spices things up with that highly cherished brutality known from previous exploits, making the last third of this amazing album truly liberating and harsh.

Murderous Vision strikes again! „Mechanical Opus in Six Stages“ is a must buy and one of the strongest releases this mad American has ever come up with.

Created from November 2022 until January 2023. From field recordings, synthesizers, voice and various devices both electronic and acoustic at Spirits In The Trees, Fairport, Harbor, Ohio, USA. Photography and Manipulation by Stephen Petrus. Mastered by Alex Crispin. Graphic Design by J.S.

Vocals on "Cold-Rolled Consequence" by POST SCRIPTVM. Vocals and Electronics on "Lever, Pulley and Screw" by THE VOMIT ARSONIST.

Murderous Vision is Stephen Petrus ...and the seventh brings return...


1 Viscous Gazing Pool    7:17
2 Terminal Scorring Patterns    4:51
3 Cold-Rolled Consequence    5:11
4 A Wrench In The Grinding Gears    6:50
5 Lever, Pulley And Screw    5:18
6 Boiling Oil Excrement    5:34

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