Taarenes Vaar - Demo Sessions, 1996-1999, Ltd. Leatherbook (Nor), A5 CD

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All demo recordings, plus unreleased sessions finally available on CD.


"Y... Mea Maxima Culpa", Demo 1996

1. The Lizard King and I  

2. Kjære Grav  

3. Mea Maxima Culpa 

"Songs for Wicked People", Demo 1997

4.Prologue + Slaves of the Morning Star / Slaver av morgenstjernen  

5. Dauther of a Thorned King / Den tornede fuglens datter

7. The Pantaloons Conquest / Gjøgleren

"Sometimes Death is Better", Compilation 1998

8. Come my Children

"Abondoned Album Recording", 1999

9. Demons in Tuxedos

10. Carnal Catering Service

11. The Gentleman is in the Details

12. Romance

13. The Crooner

14. The Cocktail Party to End them All

"Rehearsal", 1997

15. Salamanderfolket


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