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Hellion - Rebel's Curse (Col), CD

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Prepare your necks to crack and your ears to bleed with this pure, raw, fast, satanic and dirty act of disobedience from HELLION, the rebels of thrash! HELLION's second full-length, "Rebel's Curse" is an uncontrollable thrash assault containing 8 spells full of abhorrence that can only be conjured on the left-hand path! For fans of DESTRUCTION, SACRIFICE and RAZOR.


1. Summoning the Satan’s Crew 04:22   
2. Bloody Torture 04:23   
3. The Law of the Night 01:42   
4. Into the Circle of Fire 03:09   
5. A Wizard’s Pledge 03:21   
6. Thrash Metal 04:59   
7. Escaping the Oz 02:47   
8. Congregation 05:27   
9. Terror Strikes (Sacrifice Cover) 04:29   

Total 34:39

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