Medhelan - Nocturnal Wanderings (Ita), CD

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“What we can see is just a small part of reality... there's a whole invisible world existing along with our 'real' world, and there are places where the fine line between them becomes blurred until it dissolves."

Sound artist Matteo Brusa returns to the label exploring these boundaries of invisible worlds and the blended lines between. "Nocturnal Wanderings" brings deep long-form compositions inspired by traditional pagan virtues; Nature, Magic and the landscapes of the artist's homeland in northern Italy. Field recordings from these landscapes themselves are incorporated into the sound, bringing a connectivity and elemental atmosphere to the transcendent journey ahead. We're proud to finally manifest this deluxe archival edition of these formative recordings from Brusa's highly regarded dungeon synth project MEDHELAN, now beautifully remastered and presented in physical form, alongside a full second bonus offering of “Eternal Wanderings”; two exclusive, all new tracks made in the same focused spirit as the initial first recordings. The lengthy track titles convey a story, acting as a metaphor for the journey to spiritual transcendence. We follow our path in four steps. The final track title is a reference to Tir na Nog, the mythical island across the ocean found in ancient Irish sagas, which no death and suffering can reach. Detachment from the burdens of our world is complete.

"Nocturnal Wanderings", Tracks 1 and 2 were originally composed and recorded in 2009, re-edited and remastered in 2015.

"Eternal Wanderings", Tracks 3 and 4 composed and recorded between 2010 and 2015, re-edited and remastered in 2019, and are both as of yet unheard.  


1 Crossing The Path To The River, Through The Woods, Under Shooting Stars 14:48
2 Discovering An Ancient And Forgotten Portal To The Otherworld 14:20
3 Soaring Above The Ashes Of Crumbling Towers 12:46
4 Drifting Away From Smoldering Ruins, Towards Shores Of Oblivion 12:24

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