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Sathanas - Flesh for the Devil (USA), MCD

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“Flesh For The Devil” is a six track EP of sinister death metal from Southwestern Pennsylvania’s legendary Sathanas. This album just fucking rips from start to finish which is the reason EP’s suck. Just as you are getting into them, they’re over and leaving you wishing it was a full length. Using a dual vocal delivery from Paul Tucker (lead vocals, guitar) and Bill Davidson (bass, backup vocals), Sathanas belt out old school death metal hymns to Satan. The dual vocals really work well together with Paul having more of a black metal rasp, and Bill has more of a straight death metal growl. Paul just thrashes through every track on guitar and Bill’s bass just rumbles along like a tank. Pounding the skins on "Flesh for the Devil" is Jim Strauss of Acheron “Rites of the Black Mass” fame. These guys keep the spirit of the old school alive. I'm definitely looking forward to the full length "Crowned Infernal" due out soon. Even if you do wait for the full length, this EP is worth getting for the cover art by Jaromir "Deather" Bezruc alone. Highly recommended! (Review/Ancientdeath.com)

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