White Medal - Guthmers Hahl (UK), Digipack CD

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Finally, after long time, the first full-length album of the british underground and cold lo-fi Black Metal band WHITE MEDAL from Yorkshire. You can await harsh and true Black Metal in the bestial northern way. Agressive and somber Black Metal ! Ltd. Edition in noble Digipack.

First proper full length after countless EP, Tape, split and compilation releases. Finest dark as hell raw black metal from Yorkshire, England. 


1. Return of Pagan Yorkshire 09:02  

2. Guthmers Hahl 04:00  

3. Us Tiem Ut Bitter Folk 04:53  

4. Ar Deeard Moor 05:54  

5. Skratje's Gate 06:44  

6. Afeeard Ut Setting Sun 06:20  

Total 36:53

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Black Metal