Worship - Terranean Wake (Ger), CD

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German doom cult is back! 5 years passed since the release of their last album "Dooom" which The Doommonger created using the remnants of Mad Max(RIP). German doom cult return with great album! Extremely slow rhythm almost 1 snare per 7 or more seconds! Combination of majestic heavy riffs and long tone dismal guitar melodies. Growling vocals with 3 languages, English, German and French. If you have listened to their music before, you can imagine the sound of this album. Nothing changed but much improved doom album which represents melancholy and depression of human being on the earth.


1. Terranean Wake I - Tide of Terminus 17:29

2. Terranean Wake II - The Second Coming Apart 14:00

3. Terranean Wake III - Fear Is My Temple 10:30

4. Terranean Wake IV - End of an Aeviturne 13:50

Total 55:49 Minutes

Weird Truth

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Doom Metal