Burzum - Reh/Demo 91 (Nor), Tape

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A1 Lost Wisdom 4:16
A2 Depressive Visions Of The Cursed Warrior    3:16
A3 Lord Of The Depths    4:39
A4 Spell Of Destruction 4:29
A5 A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit 7:27
A6 Lost Wisdom    4:39
A7 Spell Of Destruction 4:45

B1 Channeling The Powers Of Souls Into A New God    3:46
B2 Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown 6:32
B3 My Key To Purgatory 5:16
B4 Rite Of Cleansure    6:17
B5 A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit 9:27

Fiche technique

Black Metal