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Chaos Cascade/RXAXPXE - Nail Your Bombs + Poster + Rusty Nails + Photo Card (Ger), Tape Box

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• Noble heavy black case (139mmx 98mm)
• Noble black cassette with silver on-body print
• Exclusive Photo Card
• Rusty Nails
• Poster in A2 format
• Limited to 100 handnumbered copies, only

► Listen on Bandcamp: https://dunkelheitprod.bandcamp.com/album/nail-your-bombs

No rest for the wicked! Only very shortly after their last joined effort „Load your Guns“, the warlords of Sheitanic Black Noise Terrorism, none other than RXAXPXE and Chaos Cascade, return to unleash more vitriol upon this infected world: „...“. You all know what that means: more sickness, more hate, more destruction.

Chaos Cascade kicks it off with an intriguing display of blackest majesty. „Blood Red Crown of Nails and Slime“ builds up slowly and heavily, expanding into a thick quagmire of burning napalm. As opposed to the War Noise material of his earlier days, Bukkake Boy ventures into the realms of Black Noise once again, creating something even more fierce and atmospheric than before.

…. is continued by RXAXPXE, a crusty veteran of Satanic Audio Art. In its over ten years of existence, the project has become known not only for its devotion to occultism, but also for sounds that can be hard to digest even to those used to challenging noise. „1 Body 100 Nails“ starts with ear-splicing Feedback and quickly introduces rotten frequencies and manic vocals driven by crusty distortion. A sonic rendition of an inquisitor inflicting harm on squealing victims.

„...“ continues on the vein of earlier exploits Chaos Cascade and RXAXPXE have been involved in and it goes without saying that it is yet another crash-course in audial terror. Both contributions shine due to their morbid nature and creeping sickness, proving once again that cruel and perverse PE Noise is alive and kicking!

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