Weeping Windows - s/t, Tape

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Disturbing document of reeking ritual electronics and sonic spell-casting, the meeting of minds truly melted. Weeping Windows is the duo of Andy Neubauer (Twin Whips, Cruelty) and Jefferson Zurna (Three Moons, Visitor). Five upsetting ceremonies of severe vocal swamp, claustrophobic Midi puncture and electric viola scratch, compounded by hypnotizing reeds vortex and high level of uncomfortable electro suction. Recorded in glorious analog to Tascam-388 1/4" tape at Logville, in Minneapolis, MN Summer of 2013. Far beyond Ouija.


1. Intro 05:07

2. Access 05:50

3. Non Sequitur 05:10

4. Somnambulist Crossword 08:54

5. Detesting Wetness 08:44

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