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Clear Fluids - Music Of The Spheres, Tape

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This shadowy project has been quietly releasing vignettes of home-spun synthesis since 2012, and returns here with seven new haunting tracks of extraterrestrial electronics focused on the celestial bodies. Dark melodics and orbital oscillation offered in homage to the noble explorer. Mission accomplished, rest in power. 

"How countlessly they congregate 

O'er our tumultuous snow, 

Which flows in shapes as tall as trees 

When wintry winds do blow! 

As if with keenness for our fate, 

Our faltering few steps on 

To white rest, and a place of rest 

Invisible at dawn, 

And yet with neither love nor hate, 

Those stars like some snow-white 

Minerva's snow-white marble eyes 

Without the gift of sight." 

- Robert Frost 


1. Part One 12:12

2. Part Two 12:13

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