Bestial Warfare - Genocide, Ltd. 100 (Ger), Tape

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On 17th of November 2018 the debut Demo tape of Bestial Warfare will see the darkness of the night. Those who crave for Black/Death Metal such as Canada's Cremation, Blasphemy or the „Doom Cult“ Era of Diocletian will enjoy this force based in Marburg // Germany. Mastered at Liquid Aether Audio, the outcome blends the sound of a gnarling Bass with the one of a Gatling Gun Riffage. The drummer´s performance is similar to the „Blessed by War“ days of Goatpenis, as the uptempo parts get interrupted by more mid tempo tunes but never lose its attracting demonic brutality. In line & row with label mates Goatblood & Blasphmachine. Beware - these four dystopic & faithless tunes will be released by Dunkelheit Produktionen

The first and massive impact of german Black Death War Command BESTIAL WARFARE with the title "Genocide". Expect nothing as devastating and burned lands! Recorded somewhere in a rotten german bunker in January 2018. Black cassettes with red on-body print. Limited to only 100 copies.


1. Genocide I 04:32

2. Genocide II 03:01

3. Genocide III 03:50

4. Genocide IV 07:33

Total 18:57

Fiche technique

Death/Black Warnoise