The Temple Of Algolagnia/Funeral Mantra - Fremitus Ortus Cum Defuncti, Tape

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The obsidian death march of The Temple Of Algolagnia meets the graven, pale death-hymns of Funeral Mantra. Originally released in 2012 as a digital release on the Kalpamantra label, Fall Of Nature now presents this for the first time in a physical format with remastered content and superb new artwork courtesy of Brian VDP. 120 copies on pro-cassette.


A1 The Temple Of Algolagnia - The Opening

A2 The Temple Of Algolagnia - Translucent Ebony Statues

A3 The Temple Of Algolagnia - Catacombs Above Ground

A4 The Temple Of Algolagnia - Cantibus Ad Messorem, Sanctus Mors

A5 The Temple Of Algolagnia - Death Libations

B6 Funeral Mantra - Source Of The Black Poison

B7 Funeral Mantra - Scent Of Coffin

B8 Funeral Mantra - Necrolust Obsession

B9 Funeral Mantra - Throne Of Death

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