Hells Headbash - Part 2: 15th Anniversary Festival (USA), 2DVD

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The DVD is a DOUBLE DISC set with a fold-out poster booklet featuring a massive live photo collage of bands plus a large photo spread of the graffiti banner covered with tons of signatures from those that attended the festival (see above image).

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the long-awaited release of the Hells Headbash Part 2 DVDset. Shot over three days at the Cleveland Agora in September of 2015, this concert film chronicles the performances of 35 some of the most prolific bands in extreme metal today fromall around the globe, featuring the likes of Archgoat (Finland), Destruktor (Australia), Deiphago (Philippines), Deathhammer (Norway), Cianide (Chicago), Midnight (Cleveland), Satanic Warmaster (Finland) and many more! 

More than just a low-budget video, HellsHeadbash Part 2 is a concert film, professionally shot and edited in sequence to give it a sense of narrative, documenting while not being an informative documentary, but more like the metal facsimile of something like the Woodstock film. It follows the first 'bash DVD, even featuring return performances by Midnight and Acid Witch, but ups the ante with a much taller line-up and running time, among other things. Released as a double disc collectors set with a running time around 2 hours and 45 minutes, watching the film is definitely an event, bringing the nonstop action of the 2015 weekend into your living-room and invading your personal space. With handpicked performances selected from over 120 hours of compiled footage, Found Objects And Dreams productions carefully put together the best representation possible for an event in space and time that can never be relived or redone.


1. The LURKING CORPSES - Night At The Grindhouse

2. PROSANCTUS INFERI - Apex Jaws In Madrigal Posture

3. CEMETERY LUST - Black Angels Of Hell

4. ABYSMAL LORD - Sermon Of Fire

5. BAT - Primitive Age

6. BONEHUNTER - Turn Up The Evil

7. BLOOD FEAST - Blood Lust

8. ACID WITCH - Witchblood Cult

9. HIGH SPIRITS - Wanted Dead

10. OCTOBER 31 - Salem's Curse

11. CIANIDE - Rage War

12. CIANIDE - Envy and Hatred

13. MIDNIGHT - White Hot Fire

14. MIDNIGHT - You Can't Stop Steel

15. EMBALMER - Morbid Confessions

16. HELLVETRON - Abaddon

17. The HAUNTING PRESENCE - Continuously Assaulted By Spirits

18. EVIL ARMY - Conquer Human Life

19. SACROCURSE - Command Demonic Prayers

20. DECEASED - The Premonition


21. PERDITION TEMPLE - Chambers Of Predation

22. DEIPHAGO - Serpentine Antiworld

23. DESTRUKTOR - Hail The Black Goat

24. SATANIC WARMASTER - Raging Winter

25. SATANIC WARMASTER - Vampiric Tyrant

26. PROFANATICA - Weeping In Heaven

27. PROFANATICA - Once Removed Savior

28. GRAVEWURM - Mistress Of Blood And Fire

29. MANTICORE - Feast Of The Beast

30. NEXUL - N.X.L.Z.F.R. 

31. NOCTURNAL BLOOD - Invocation of Spirits

32. AEVANGELIST - Halo Of Lamented Glory

33. DEMONIC CHRIST - Bound To Damnation

34. SHITFUCKER - Black Mold

35. DEATHHAMMER - Total Metal

36. NYOGTHAEBLISZ - Bioterroristic Holocaust 666

37. INQUISITION - Infinite Interstellar Genocide

38. BLACK WITCHERY - Into Damnation Eternal

39. BLACK WITCHERY - Inferno Of Sacred Destruction

40. ARCHGOAT - Nuns, Cunts and Darkness

41. ARCHGOAT - Hammer Of Satan

42. ARCHGOAT - Grand Luciferian

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