Ved Buens Ende - Those Who Caress the Pale, 1994 (Nor), CD

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Finally on CD format... Ved Buens Ende… Those Who Caress the Pale CD including the pioneer 1994 demo remastered and 5 bonus trax from Manes from Askim ( not to be confused with the other more well known Manes from Trondheim) which were the first musical attempts of Vicotnik back in 1993 under the name Pro-Gnosis-Diabolis.


1. A Mask in the Mirror 05:21

2. The Carrier of Wounds 08:05 

3. You That May Wither 04:36 

4. The Plunderer 05:09

5. Those Who Caress the Pale 06:16


6. Insects

Manes Pro-Gnosis-Diabolis - sessions 1993 rehearsal

7. NMY

8. His Masters Voice.

Manes demo 1993

9. Nar Solen Stivner

10. In My Tomb of Silver Cold

11. My Blackhearted Flower 


Fiche technique

Black Metal