Morbid Flesh - Rites Of The Mangled (Spa), CD

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UNHOLY PROPHECIES is proud to present MORBID FLESH's highly anticipated second album, "Rites of the Mangled". Proudly Catalonian, this Barcelona-based band is fitingly named, for they are authentically and unequivocally morbid, old-school DEATH fuckin' METAL. Which is all not that surprising considering MORBID FLESH's membership includes scene veterans who do time in such hordes as INSULTERS, GRAVEYARD, ÓSSERP, CUERNO, TORT and SHEIDIM among others. What results is a mammoth, elephantine bulldozer of disgusting, disease-drenched Death Metal in a most classic Swedish manner...


1. Circle Cursed 05:42 

2. Burn the Entrails 05:08 

3. Banished to Oblivion 04:41 

4. Heretics Hammer 04:17 

5. Feeding Mallows 06:12 

6. Incantation 05:35 

7. Evil Behind You 07:28 

Total 39:03

Fiche technique

Death Metal