Lavatory - Morbid Terror (Mal), CD

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Ugly rotting Death Metal is alive and well in the form of Malaysian monstrosity LAVATORY! The group's cryptic debut album entitled "Morbid Terror" is a cyclone of chainsawfuck riffs held in true fashion to the ancient Swedish necropolis-obsessed Death Metal soaked in a fanfare of corpses, gore and death.

With the stunningly spectral cover artwork by Swedish ghoul-lustrator Daniel 'Devilish' Johnsson (Entrails, Sorcery, Torture Division, etc), "Morbid Terror" exudes a bewitching charm that brought back the preceding Swedish Death Metal primordial atmosphere with a genuine sense of urgency.

1. Absorption (Intro) 01:58  

2. Descent into Madness 04:24  

3. Death Is Imminent 04:05  

4. Thousand Roads to Hell 03:03  

5. Morbid Terror 03:48  

6. Restless Souls 04:30  

7. Miserable Life 04:13  

8. Mask of Malevolence 04:09  

9. Summoning in Dun Laoghaire 03:27  

10. To the End of the World 05:15  

Total 38:52

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Death Metal