RxAxPxE/Cervical Smear - Split (Ger), Digipack 2CD

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Two projects dedicated to black and vile electronics team up to present more than 40 minutes of pure hatred each. RxAxPxE's part follows the path already trodden on the superb „Death Ecstasy“ blending frantic Industrial percussion with hostile and suffocating waves of darkness and tortured vocals. Cervical Smear focusses on aggressive and unapologetic Post Mortem Power Electronics mixing murky swamps of metal and analog machinery with cutting Feedback and upfront vocals, while still maintaining a morbid necrophile atmosphere. Noble 6 panel Digipack with two CDs with offensive and sick layout – limited to 100 copies only and expected to move fast. Co-release with Phosgen Records


CD1 "RxAxPxE"
1. RxAxPxE - Purity 07:39
2. RxAxPxE - Her Tomb 09:53
3. RxAxPxE - Shaping The Future 06:57
4. RxAxPxE - Bombing Terror 07:10
5. RxAxPxE - Fury 08:08

CD2 "Cervical Smear"
1. Cervical Smear - Rotting Blood 07:58
2. Cervical Smear - Virgin 06:11
3. Cervical Smear - Stiff And Cold 05:16
4. Cervical Smear - Touchy 07:08
5. Cervical Smear - Deathcamp Libertine 08:55
6. Cervical Smear - The Voyage Of The Worm 06:36

Total 01:24:15

Fiche technique

Power Electronics