Cromm Cruac - Senecio, 1998 (Hol), CD

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Melodic / technical death metal band CROMM CRUAC was fromed in 1992 in the eastern part of Holland. CROMM CRUAC released 3 demos and 3 full length albums so far and is still active today. The CROMM CRUAC debut album ‘Senecio’ was recorded and mixed in the Summer of 1998 at Harrow Productions, The Netherlands and produced by Harry Wijering (Asphyx, Soulburn, Pentacle, etc.


1. A Passed Moment

2. Human Instinct

3. Behind My Eyes

4. Careless

5. Allied States of Consciousness

6. Capital Punishment

7. The Pain Within

8. 23:10 Timeless

9. Herodias   

10. Confusions   

11. The Corner   

12. Down-Under   

13. Spina Longa

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Death Metal