Equitant - The Circle Of Agurak, 1993 (USA), Digipack CD

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The first release on Faust, a dungeon synth sub-label of Old Captain. The first US dungeon synth recording back from 1993 by a great artist, Equitant, formerly a member of Absu. The album in fact features his former bandmates Proscriptor (flute) and Shaftiel (voice). A 10 track solo debut of a genuine occvlt tradition. Original demo tracks + unreleased tracks from 1993. Rarity. A limited CD edition in a 6-panel gloss-laminated Digipak. 300 copies.


1 The Fallen Walls Of Agurak (A Time Of Misery) – Part I 7:54

2 The Fallen Walls Of Agurak (A New Beginning) – Part II 7:31

3 De Occulta Philosophia 4:13

4 The Finrir Wolf 2:47

5 Legenden Von Feuer Und Stahl 1:50

6 The Return Of Agurak (Vanadurin) 2:20

7 Across The Sea Avagon 5:02

8 The Spell Of Ubrik Mandrak Star 6:02

9 Myrkenstone 6:55

10 With Blood And Gold We Are Now Bound 2:57

Old Captain

Fiche technique

Dungeon Synth