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Insulters - Metal Still Means Danger (Spa), 7" Digipack CD

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Unholy Prophecies, in conspiracy with Equinox Discos, is proud to present INSULTERS highly anticipated second album, "Metal Still Means Danger". Aptly fucking titled, "Metal Still Means Danger" is a literal statement of intent from these rude 'n' crude Catalonian bastards. Unrepentantly ugly since the beginning (and to the bitter end, we'd wager), INSULTERS formed in 2008 with the apparent aim to defile and then destroy all in their path. A couple demos and a split came before they accomplished exactly that with their debut album, the also-aptly-titled "We Are the Plague". Released in 2013 by Unholy Prophecies and Equinox Discos, "We Are the Plague" became something of a "sleeper hit" with those lucky few who heard it: INSULTERS offered a refreshingly ribald and gleefully gut-busting hybrid of blackthrash and old-school death metal, with a pinch of rock 'n' roll and even D-beat to be found.


1. Age of Terror 03:29  

2. Highway of Death 03:19  

3. Icons & Symbols 03:18  

4. Bang Your Fucking Skull 03:08  

5. Forged in Hell's Fire 04:58  

6. Bastard Soldiers 04:24  

7. Burn with the Witch 05:30  

8. Here Falls the Hammer 03:50  

9. Metal Still Means Danger 06:17  

Total 38:13

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